Principal’s Message for May 11th

Dear Parents,

We recently hosted a “Coffee with the Principal” on Friday, May 5 to discuss an innovative idea changing how we teach the core subjects of math, language arts, reading, science, social studies, and religion in second through fifth grade. The traditional method of one homeroom teacher instructing students in all subjects does not seem to be the most effective model for current educational practices. The increased rigor of the standards makes it more difficult to be an “expert” in all subject areas. Additionally, differentiation of student instruction is more easily accomplished when preparing and scheduling a few subjects rather than all six. This proposed idea also allows for even more collaboration between our grade level teachers as well as across subject areas.

We visualize that content specialization in grades 2 -5 will allow our teachers to split up the subjects between the two teachers. They will still have a homeroom for their students and will teach both grade level classes the same subjects. Homeroom teachers will also teach religion to their students as well. Students will move between classes and a schedule would be formulated that minimizes the transition back and forth between classes. Specialty classes such as music and technology will still be offered as they have in the past. At this time, we are still discussing potential ways to split up the subject matter between the two teachers.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received to date from parents about content specialization. The response from both parents and the staff has been overwhelmingly positive about such a change. We are proposing to make this change beginning in the new school year but are currently still discussing the logistics as well as looking at examples from other schools. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or additional thoughts on our proposal.

Peace and blessings,

Dan Schuh